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The Bridge to Becoming Debt Free

I began to share my story with others and began to realize that my prior circumstance was really no different than others. We can all become debt free. The only difference is that I didn’t accept my circumstances and I made changes to get better. I became a financial planner. I studied how finances work and the psychology behind the decisions we make. You are not defined by your credit report or score.

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On The Road To FinCon17

10/25/2017 It’s 3AM and we’re super excited about attending this year’s FinCon. Hour long commute to Reagan Airport so need to pick up the pace to not have to run to catch our flight, lol. Have a bunch of thoughts to share when I have some moments at their airport. Those moments to share, they were fleeting. Mrs. PersonalFinanceWorks was tired and easily fell asleep on the Virgin America plane. I was trying to figure out how to set up the FinCon app on the phone and gave up easily. Virgin America only provides free WiFi to T-Mobile customers...

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10 Steps to Be Debt-Free in Less Than a Year

Bump up your debt repayment percentage Putting at least 15 percent of your paycheck — or income from Social Security or pensions — toward credit card debt and loans will help you pay down those obligations much more quickly because most credit card companies only ask you to pay about 2 percent of the outstanding balance each month. Making small, minimum payments means that your debt balances are collecting interest as each month or each year goes by. Paying off large chunks of your debt within a few months could save you a significant amount of money on interest payments alone....

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